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Other places of worship in France


Eure-et-Loir / Centre

Landmark of Christianity


Chartres Cathedral is a sanctuary dedicated to Mary for more than a millennium. The Veil of the Virgin, venerated by the Annunciation and the Birth of Christ, can be worshiped there – a unique opportunity to meditate on the mystery of the arrival of God in the history of mankind. You will see: Our Lady of the Underground, place of immemorial welcome of pilgrims; Our Lady of the Pillar, a place of continual prayer where believers come to give back their joys and sorrows; Notre-Dame de la Belle Verrière, where the transparency of the stained glass window reveals a summit of art and mysticism. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Chartres is the best preserved of all the great Gothic cathedrals

Everywhere, spirituality can be seen through its revolutionary architecture at that time. World famous, the cathedral is an important place of Christianity.

An hour long trip from Paris, Chartres benefits from a preserved heritage: protected area, historic districts, picturesque streets, half-timbered houses, mounds and stairs connecting high and low city, stone bridges and ancient laundries leaning on the Eure

Chartres is also multiple museums and exciting sites to discover: the International Center of Stained Glass, the Museum of Fine Arts in the former Episcopal Palace, the Conservatory of Agriculture (largest French agricultural museum) or the unusual House Picassiette and the Frescos of Bel Air.

Chartres is at the heart of the “Cosmetic Valley”: the first global center of resources in Cosmetics Perfumery.


  • Conference at the International Stained Glass Center: discover stained glass techniques; the cut, the stained. glass window set with lead, the painting on glass.
  • Mass at the crypt of the Cathedral.
  • Lunch in a restaurant.


  • Guided tour of the Notre-Dame Cathedral (12th-13th centuries).
  • Guided tour of the old town: Bathed by the Eure, the ancient city is ranked among the first safeguarded areas of France.
  • Dinner in a restaurant.


  • From April to September, an exceptional evening “Chartres En Lumières” discover the magic of 29 monuments and sites highlighted and music including the Cathedral, the Museum of Fine Arts, historic districts.
  • Free walk in the city.
  • Optional: visit on board of the small train.
  • Accommodation at the Hôtellerie Saint-Yves.