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Other places of worship in France

Mont Saint-Michel

Manche / Normandy

Landmark of European Christianity


“We are here in one of the places in the world that most brilliantly testifies of human genius, Catholic faith, and French heritage.
Glory of the Church, the wonder of the West, Mont Saint-Michel is also an overview of our culture, our spirituality, our national history.”

(M. G. Pompidou, 1965).

Mont Saint-Michel, Wonder of the West

At the heart of a huge bay, the scene of the biggest tides in Europe, Mont-Saint-Michel, a world-renowned tourist attraction and UNESCO World Heritage Site, invites every traveler to lose themselves in history and architecture. Its medieval streets, its ramparts and its abbey founded a thousand years ago, testimonys of one of the most fabulous sites of the Middle Ages will transport the visitors in places borrowed from a prestigious past and an exceptional beauty.


  • Visit of the Abbay
  • Mass at the church
  • Lunch in Mont-Saint-Michel


  • Discovery of the new barrier and its panoramic view on the Mont
  • Visit of the village

Or : expedition in the bay of Mont-Saint-Michel (according to the season)


  • Dinner and accomodation in Mont Saint-Michel