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Cultural Trips in Europe

United Kingdom

9-Day trip

The Trip

  • YORK

Your journey begins in Glasgow, Scotland, you will go on a city tour with a local guide so that he can show you all the famous places and share some fun facts about the city.  Then you will visit Edinburgh, known for its famous castle overlooking the city. People playing bagpipes are at every street corner. You will experience a Whisky Tour and taste a world-class Scottish Single Malt whisky.

York, England is the next destination – you will see its remarkable medieval shambles streets. Manchester is home to one of the biggest football club in the world, Machester United – you will get the opportunity to visit their stadium and their trophy room.

300 km South of Machester lies Cardiff, capital of Wales – you will enjoy the Welsh architecture with its red bricks.

Scientists and archeologists are still mystified by Stonehenge, there is no actual evidence that the monument is man-made. It will be up to you to decide whether man created such a masterpiece. Oxford is home to the 2nd oldest university in the world, you will discover every detail of this renowned institute.

London will amaze you with its different monuments such as the Buckingham Palace, London Eye, Tower of London and a boat tour on the Thames River. According to availability, you might assist to a football match in Wembley.

Possibility to extend your stay to Paris.