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Cultural Trips in Europe





10-Day trip

The Trip

  • FLAM
  • OSLO

Your Nordic trip starts with Copenhagen, the Danish capital is famous for its colorful buildings and the Tivoli Gardens which is an amusement park. You will be given a proper tour of the city and visit famous landmarks such as the Rosenborg Castle, the Christiansborg Palace.

A transfer by ferry will take you to Oslo, you will explore the region by visiting the city of Geilo, the village of Flam and you will take a ferry to visit the island of Gudvangen. Back in Oslo, you will tour in the city and see its main attractions such as the Oslo Royale Palace, the National Theatre, the Nobel Peace Center, etc.

A 4 hour ride will bring you to Sweden, land of the Vikings. One stop will take you to Karlstad and the other one to Stockholm. The Swedish capital is a group of 14 little islands interconnected by nearly 50 bridges. You will explore Gamla Stan (old town in Swedish),  visit the Royal Palace of Stockholm and the City Hall.

Another ferry trip will take you to Helsinki, the Finnish capital will amaze you by its minimalistic architecture and design. You will spend time going around the city and its different attractions.