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Our Lady of Mariapocs Tears


The image that is venerated there is an old icon of Mary, of the type “Hodigitria” (“that which shows the Way”).

An inscription says: “I, servant of God, had this icon painted in remission of my sins.”

In the third century, when St. Helena went to Nazareth, she raised a church in which the house of Nazareth was. In addition to discovering the True Cross, she would have also discovered the supposed place of incarnation. The tradition also tells that it was in this house that Marie was born, educated and raised with her parents Saint Anne and Saint Joachim.

On November 4, 1696, the faithful who attended the Mass in the Greek Catholic Church of the village saw the Virgin of the Hodigitria icon for tears.

The phenomenon is repeated until December 8 and was observed by an innumerable crowd who also came from neighboring countries.

The priest collected in a silk handkerchief these precious pearls of “mercy” and sent them to the bishop of Eger; the investigation confirmed the supernatural origin of the phenomenon.

Emperor Leopold 1 ° then ordered that the icon be transferred to Vienna in the cathedral of St. Stephen.