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Places of worship in Europe


Holy House in Loreto


The Holy House of Loreto (in Italian: Basilica della Santa Casa or Pontificia basilica santuario maggiore della Santa Casa and della Madonna di Loreto) is the house where, according to the Christian tradition, Jesus Christ was conceived of the Holy Spirit within the Virgin Mary. It is sometimes called the house of Nazareth (in Italian: Santa Casa di Nazaret). She is venerated in the city of Loreto, in the Italian province of Ancona.

In the third century, when St. Helena went to Nazareth, she raised a church in which the house of Nazareth was. In addition to discovering the True Cross, she would have also discovered the supposed place of incarnation. The tradition also tells that it was in this house that Marie was born, educated and raised with her parents Saint Anne and Saint Joachim.